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How to make a Polaroid framed picture

I find format of Polaroid photos quite catchy and engaging, especially when you add these kinds of pictures to your stories or poems on your blogs. I personally like to print my pictures in the format of Polaroid photos and then turn them into fridge magnets.

I use the application called InstaLab which is available for both Android and IOS.

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Watercolor Tags

Below is the list of some watercolor tags to promote your art on Instagram.

Just remember that you may use maximum 30 hashtags (either in the post or in the comment) to be seen on timeline.  

Fridge Magnets to Promote Your Art

Wherever I go I always carry with me a few dozens of fridge magnets. How do I make them? I print two of my paintings or photos on regular photo paper (4″ x 6″ / 10 x 15 cm) and then cut it into two halves. On the back of the photo I stick small pieces
of magnets (four in the corners and one in the center). I use flexible magnet sheet or magnet ribbon.

Giving away fridge magnets is a good way to promote your art, especially when you are doing reportage photography, visiting an art exhibition or taking part in a theater festival.

You may also think of the way to sell these magnets. If you run a small theater, you may offer your guests to buy fridge magnets with the actors or scenes from some performances. Making these kinds of magnets is a cost of peanuts, but you may charge your guests a few dollars to buy one to support your theater – some sort of donation. It works pretty well. I’ve been doing that for five years with a couple of theaters here in Russia (I run one of these theaters).

And, always place your name, website, phone number, whatever on the image.

Here are two examples of my watercolor paintings created in the form of fridge magnets.

Free .blog Subdomains

Here is the list of free .blog subdomains (owned by, which will perfectly fit most of your artistic or business projects.

To create a new blog, just type into your browser one of the subdomains you want to use (,,,, etc.) and follow the guidelines.

I have created the following one: PROMO.ART.BLOG – the URL looks short and nice, especially if you place it on your business card or in corner of your picture.

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